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We all need first aid at some time in our lives. Everyone should be prepared anytime, everywhere they go! They need to have first aid essentials ready, when and where they are needed. That’s why raising funds by selling RightResponse first aid kits make sense. We have tailored the contents of each kit for use in each of daily life settings (at home, at work, in your car, at sports events, camping or traveling, even gift-giving!)

First aid is easy to sell because everybody needs it. Show others you care while quickly raising the money you need with these much needed kits. RightResponse has helped many school organizations and other groups raise thousands of dollars. We look forward to helping your organization raise the funds you need to do the things you love to do!


First Aid Kit Fundraising Program Benefits

• 50% PROFIT
• First Aid for Home and Business
• No money up front
• No Contracts
• No Minimums
• We sort and pack each order by seller
• Most kits sell for only $15.00 retail (you make $7.50)
• Proudly Built in the USA (Supporting American Jobs)
• Referral Program (you can make 5% on a referral)
• Business kits meet ANSI standards and are OSHA approved

Success Stories

Fundraising groups and clubs have extraordinary experiences and success with our fundraisers.

Thousands of groups and
organizations have made tens of
thousands of dollars with
Right Response Fundraising.
Please check out some of the
success stories of groups like
yours have had selling our kits.

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